Woodcut Block 5x7 (5" x 7" x .918")

Art Boards Woodcutting Blocks are made of kiln dried select soft maple. The wood is chosen for it's tight wood grain, ease of carving and ability to hold the image during printing. Planks of maple are edge jointed perfectly strait and glued using a waterproof adhesive. They are then dimensioned to the exact letter press thickness of .918 inches.

Plank Grain Wood Cutting Block is sanded to an extremely fine finish on both sides.
The printing blocks are dimensioned to .918 inch thickness which is the exact height needed for printing in a letter press. The printmaking blocks are also perfect for printmakers who are making their prints by hand.
The tight uniform grain of the soft maple block allows the artist to make lines easily and use a wide range of tonal and linier effects.

To web site: Plank Grain Printmaking Blocks Sizes and Prices

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Plank Grain Block measures 5" x 7" x .918"

Woodcut Block 5x7 (5" x 7" x .918")
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