Glass Muller Large

Art Boards Glass Mullers are Individually made by hand. They are made for artists who want the control of mixing their own pigments.

The Muller is a beautifully made object of solid glass. It has a perfectly ground flat base used to grind pigment by hand. Grinding is done flat on a hard slab surface of glass or stone. A Muller enables the artist to grind pigments to the color and consistency of their choice.

Mullers are used for mixing and grinding all kinds of pigments. They can be mixed with what ever vehicle the artist chooses, be it water base, oil base, or fresco.

For use in all painting mediums including: oils, acrylics, egg tempera, encaustic, frescoes, gouache, watercolor, shellac, varnish, and more.

The size and weight chosen is a matter of personal preference and may have to do with the quantity of pigment that is being ground.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund.

Height 6",  Base width 4",  Weight 40 oz.
Mullers may vary slightly in size and weight.

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Glass Muller Large
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