Oval Canvas Stretcher 30x36 (30" x 36" x 1")

Art Boards Canvas Stretchers are made using a solid core one piece construction. The Natural Fiber Artist Stretcher is 1" thick. It is made using a process that combines pure wood from Douglas Fir trees with urethane binders, producing a stretcher that is light in weight, extremely strong and warp resistant. The canvas stretchers are cut out of a large board as one continuous piece. They have no breaks, joints or seams of any kind.

The Oval Canvas Stretcher is made of one continuous profile. It is 1 inch thick at the lip, and 2 1/2 inches wide. It is incredibly strong and will not warp or twist. Staples hold tight and snug and are easily shot in with a staple gun from the back. They are the perfect support to stretch a oval canvas on.

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Round Canvas Stretcher measures 30" x 36"

Oval Canvas Stretcher 30x36 (30" x 36" x 1")
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