Plein Air Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas 8x10

Ultra Slim Plein Air Cotton Canv

Ultra Slim Plein Air Art Panel is mounted with canvas that is sized and primed with acrylic gesso. The gessoed cotton canvas is mounted on a 1/16" thick water proof panel using a reversible conservators adhesive. The adhesive forms an archival acrylic water proof barrier between the canvas and the panel. The canvas can be removed from the panel for conservation at any time in the future.

The 1/16" water proof art panel protects the painting from damage by preventing the canvas from being punctured, dented, or torn. It is made using a process that combines pure wood from the long leaf pine with urethane binders, producing a painting panel that is double refined with no oils, resins or formaldehyde. The 1/16" thick plein air painting panel is slightly flexible but stiffer than museum board. It will not dent, crease, break, or absorb water.

Art Boards light weight ultra thin plein air painting panels are economical and totally efficient. Perfect for the plein air artist who wants to carry the maximum amount of panels in a minimum amount of space. Whether traveling by air, foot or car they are the most efficient plein air panels for back packing, pochade box or air travel.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund.

Measures exactly 8" x 10" x 1/16" thick.

Plein air panel weight is: 3.6 Ounces

Plein Air Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas 1/16" Price List and Sizes

Plein Air Acrylic Primed Cotton Canvas 8x10
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