Sanding Block (5.5" long x 2.5" wide x 1.25" thick)

Art Boards Sanding Block is designed for sanding gesso easily.  The user simply wraps the sandpaper around the sanding block.  Special sand paper is held firmly in place by the hand as it comfortably grips the block for easy sanding.

The sanding block has a laminated construction.  The sand paper is supported by a perfectly flat sanding pad.  This support pad has just the right density for sanding gesso.  The ½ inch thick sanding pad is permanently mounted to a ¾ inch thick wood block.  The total sanding block thickness is 1¼ inches, making it very easy to grip and to sand with.

Art Boards Sandpaper is pre-cut to exactly fit the sanding block. The 180 and 220 grit sand paper is all that is needed to produce a smooth gesso finish.

Apply Art Boards Panel Gesso in thin even coats using a foam brush or foam roller.  Sand the gesso in between each coat using the Art Boards Sanding Block with the 180 grit paper.  After applying the final coat of gesso sand it lightly with the180 paper. And if a finer gesso finish is desired then lightly sand that surface again with the 220 paper.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund.

Measures exactly 5.5" long x 2.5" wide x 1.25" thick

Sanding blocks for art.
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