Round Stretcher 42" (42"diameter x 1" thick)

42" Round Artist Stretchers 

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Circular 42" Round Artist Stretchers by Art Boards™ 


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Art Boards™ Canvas Stretchers are made using a solid core one piece construction.  The Natural Fiber Artist Stretcher is 1" thick. It is made using a process that combines pure wood from Douglas Fir trees with urethane binders, producing a stretcher that is light in weight, extremely strong, and warp resistant. 

The Circular Canvas Stretcher is one continuous profile. They are no breaks, joints, or seams of any kind. The round stretcher bar is 2.5" wide, with a lip at the edge that is raised off the bar by 1/4".  It is incredibly strong and will not warp or twist. Staples hold tight and snug, and are easily shot in with a staple gun from the back. They are the perfect round canvas support for tondo painting.

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Round 42" Artist Stretcher.

42" round Stretcher on Sale
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