50% OFF - Natural Fiber Panels 11.75" x 23.75" x 3/8" - ON SALE!

Half Price Sale!

They are no longer a stock size that we are producing. These panels are shrink wrapped and in perfect condition. They are now being sold for 50% off the list price, while there is still stock.

 $15.91 - 50% = $7.91 each.

Art Boards™ Archival Natural Fiber Art Panel 11.75" x  23.75" . 

Art Boards™ 3/8" thick archival painting panels have a solid core construction, with recessed slots routed into the back for hanging art flush to the wall, in either direction.

Art Boards™ painting surface is archival, with no seems, voids or knots. Art Boards™ artist panels are formaldehyde free. There is no formaldehyde added to any of it's materials. There will be no out gassing onto the art, or it's enviroment.

The rigid painting surface is finely sanded and perfect for all painting mediums including: collage, oils, acrylics, egg tempera, encaustic, pastels, frescoes, colored pencil, charcoal, pastels, gouache, airbrush, mounting of prints, works on paper, icons, mosaics, and more.

Measures exactly 11.75"x 23.75" x 3/8" thick.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or full refund.

To web site: "Natural Fiber Price List & Sizes"

50% OFF - Natural Fiber Panels 11.75" x 23.75" x 3/8" - ON SALE!
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